Exporting refunds is mostly the same as exporting orders. However, it is important to note that depending on how your refund is made, some trouble may occur, from an accounting point of view.

How to make a proper refund

Woocommerce allows to make global order refunds, without specifying what item is refunded. We recommend not to use this feature and making a more precise refund at this stage, by specifying in the available fields what is refunded (product, tax or shipping…).

That way, the right accounting codes will be used when exporting refunds. Otherwise, if only a global amount is entered, Woocommerce Book Keeper might be unable to assign it to the right accounting codes:

Behaviour of global refund amount

Simple export

If the simple export for refunds is selected, Woocommerce Book Keeper will assume that only products are refunded. Indeed, in most cases, the products are the main value of the order.

Detailed export

If the detailed export for refunds is selected, Woocommerce Book Keeper will be unable to trace back the original order’s accounting codes. Therefore, the exceptional account will be used and will alert you so that you can reassign the data accurately later. For all other fields, the refund export is similar to the order export with the exception that Woocommerce Book Keeper will use the payment data and numbering of the parent order.